Microscopic, Visual and Real Time System for Traffic Studies for Mexico City

N. Dominguez, G. Tellez, V. Gutierrez, M. Jaquez, C. Fuentes, B. Ramirez (Mexico)


Modeling, microscopic model, visual model, real time


A microscopic, visual and real time computational system to study the traffic of vehicles traveling on a street with an intersection with a traffic light was developed. The speed of a car was modeled using a Bando-like function if the car is far from the intersection. The speed decreases if the car approaches the intersection and the traffic light is red. When the traffic light turns from red to green, the car accelerates. A street with a bump was also modeled, as well as a street with neither a traffic light or bump. The computer code was implemented in Java. The contaminant emissions can be obtained from the speed and other parameters of each vehicle. The code is being implemented to model urban areas.

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