Cyberfilm Specifications for Generalized Graph Search Algorithms

Y. Watanobe, N.N. Mirenkov, and R. Yoshioka (Japan)


Multimedia Programming Language, Graph Algorithms, CyberFilm, Template Programs


A multimedia programming approach for the generalized graph search (traversal) algorithms is considered. It is based on a concept of cyberFilm, which is a set of multi media frames defining algorithmic features. Through these frames, the user can represent computational steps and specify “activity” within the steps. Each set of multimedia frames, represented by a special icon, is supported by a set of template programs to generate corresponding executable codes. Such icons and sets of template programs behind them provide powerful repetitive-type constructs for speci fying computational algorithms. The main contributions of this paper are an introduc tion of a cyberFilm developed for the generalized graph search algorithms and a description of the template pro grams supporting this cyberFilm.

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