Improved Phase-Only Correlation Method for Low Quality Fingerprint Matching

M.Y. Javed and M.S. Hamid (Pakistan)


phase-only correlation, phase correlation, biometrics, fingerprint matching, fingerprint verification, partial fingerprints.


This paper presents an improved Phase-Only Correlation (POC) method for efficient matching of fingerprints that are either very poor in quality or represent partial fingerprints. Unlike the conventional matching techniques that depend upon the feature-based similarity criteria (i.e. minutiae and core-point), the POC based techniques use the phase spectrum of fingerprint image which is highly robust against image degradation. In this paper new modifications have been proposed in the implementation of POC approach particularly for improving its matching performance for low quality and partial fingerprints. The developed fingerprint matching system makes use of image segmentation, surface data normalization, surrounding elimination and common region extraction resulting into highly robust and efficient identification of low quality fingerprints.

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