High-Speed Processing in Wired-and-Wireless Integrated Autonomous Decentralized IC Card Ticket System

A, Shiibashi, M. Yamana, and K. Mori (Japan)


Contact-less IC card, high-speed processing, and autonomous decentralized system


"Processing speed improvement of the automatic fare collection gates (AFCGs)" is one of the important problems to correspond to the passengers getting on and off in high-density transportation at the peak. On the other hand, reliability is indispensable to handle the tickets, which are worth notes. Therefore, the ticket system with both high-speed processing and high reliability is necessary. To improve the passengers’ convenience and to reduce the maintenance cost, a wireless IC card ticket system has been hoped. However, the high-speed processing and the high reliability are ambivalent at this system because of the wireless communications between an IC card and an AFCG. In this paper, the autonomous decentralized processing technology is introduced to meet the requirements of high-speed processing in a wireless IC card ticket system. "IC cards," "AFCGs," and a "center server" are assumed as the autonomous systems. The "Decentralized Algorithm on the Fare Calculations with an IC card and AFCGs" is proposed especially to achieve high-speed processing. This algorithm is modeled and compared to prove its efficiency. These technologies are introduced into the "Suica" system at East Japan Railway Company and have proven the effectiveness.

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