Structural Analysis of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions through Fuzzy Parsing

J.A. Fitzgerald, F. Geiselbrechtinger, and T. Kechadi (Ireland)


Handwriting Recognition; Artificial Intelligence; Parsing; Fuzzy Logic


Including mathematical expressions in documents can be a tiresome and difficult process. A recognition system for handwritten mathematical expressions would greatly sim plify the task, enabling users to enter expressions in an in tuitive manner. In this paper a powerful yet efficient ap proach to handwritten mathematical expression recognition is presented. Our approach is built upon traditional shift reduce parsing methods which have linear complexity, thus providing the necessary syntax checking and also the ba sis for an efficient system. Fuzzy logic is introduced to the basic parsing framework, which is appropriate given the ambiguous nature of symbol identities and spatial rela tionships in handwritten expressions. Multiple parses are explored whenever strong ambiguities arise, and the most likely expression tree is selected as the result.

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