Game based Interactive Motivating Tool for Rehabilitation Movements: Case Study

A.L. Betker, T. Szturm, Z.K. Moussavi, and C. Nett (Canada)


Biocomputing, biofeedback, center of foot pressure (COP), motivated use, and rehabilitative games


A video game-based interactive tool, controlled via center of foot pressure (COP) trajectory biofeedback, was designed to facilitate the rehabilitation process for restoration of weight bearing and balance control for individuals with neurological or musculo-skeletal disorders. The video games are enjoyable and provide real-time interaction with the COP position signal obtained from a pressure mat and the Force Sensitive Applications software (Vista Medical). The inclusion of video gaming to rehabilitation that is not only functional but also motivational should increase the patient’s desire to perform their exercises and complete the rehabilitation process. Thus, it is hypothesized that the amount of recovery should increase. A case study was performed on a subject who had a Cerebellar Tumor Excision in 1999, which resulted in severe ataxia. The amount of recovery, pre-exercise versus post-exercise, was quantified. Results indicated that the subject fell less often and had decreased COP peak-to-peak amplitude and sway path values post exercise.

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