A Novel Algorithm for Synthesizing Directional Temporal Texture Animation

C.-H. Lai and J.-L. Wu (Taiwan)


Texture Synthesis, Temporal Texture Synthesis, and Warp


In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm for directional temporal texture synthesis. The generated temporal textures can move in any user-specified direction at run time, while it requires only a static texture image as input. We first synthesize texture sequences that approximate to true video clips by a texture sequence synthesis algorithm. Then we use transition probabilities to generate infinite length sequences with semi-regular characteristic. The quality of synthesized temporal textures can be improved via cross-fading technique. We also extend our algorithm to interactive rendering. It allows users to design the image masks and warp grids by using mouse drag-and drop. The temporal textures are pasted onto the scenery on the fly at the aid of image masks and warp grids. Therefore, we are able to generate a photo animation. Several examples such as ocean, pond, and ripple are included for demonstration.

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