Opportunity of Current ICT in the Processing of Medical Image Information

O. Dostal, M. Javornik, and K. Slavicek (Czech Republic)


telemedicine, wireless, PACS, MeDiMed


The goal of the MeDiMed (Metropolitan Digital Imaging System in Medicine) project is to establish a communications channel to exchange information and for specialist consultations among various medical institutions and also to organise training for practicing radiologists and medical students in providing telemedicine services. We give users outside the hospital the same access and functionality allowing them to work nearly as if they were working at their workstation in the radiology department of their hospital. The efficiency and rationalization of technological and human resources must be considered in connection with improvements of the the quality of healthcare. Teleradiology in the Czech Republic is crucial because medical experts and specialists can be available in urgent cases permitting qualified external medical experts to be involved in the diagnosis. Regional-level procurements of systems and services is preferred to achieve major savings and improve the quality of healthcare including the learning processes. The evolution of educational and research services provided by the MeDiMed project is also influenced by emerging wireless communication technology. We have used the wireless network operated by the universities and since 2005, the Healthware (standard and interoperable satellite solution to deploy health care services over wide areas) project permits the appropriate services to be accessible through the satellite network covering Europe. Healthware satellite based platforms will interact with mobile and terrestrial technologies.

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