The Representation and Inferences of Hierarchies

K.-H. Cheng (USA)


Knowledge representation, hierarchy, category, artificial intelligence, and object-oriented.


Hierarchy is an important relationship among knowledge. We identify the basic components and the common functionalities of hierarchies, develop a new class that provides the solution, and use it in implementing the different components and capabilities of a category. First, we use it to store the generalization/specialization relationships among knowledge such as data types, polygons, and categories. Then using the transitive property of generalization, a function is implemented to infer whether a given object is a specific category. We also develop another new class to represent inheritable knowledge such as attributes and properties. Finally, we use it to represent a Geographic containment hierarchy that contains two inter-related hierarchies, one in the category level, and the other in the object level. The design of the system is done using Object-Oriented paradigms, and the system implemented in C++.

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