A Weighted Ranking Algorithm for Facet-based Component Retrieval System

Y. Yang, W. Zhang, X. Zhang, J. Shi (PRC)


Weighted ranking algorithm, matching degree, facet, component retrieval, and component library 1. Motivations A high efficiency retrieval system for software component library is important for the reuse of software components. The point of high efficiency is not that the time performance in one matching or retrieving process which can be measured by how many seconds or how many milliseconds elapsed, but that the efficiency to make the component consumers be able to find what they need


Facet-based component retrieval techniques have been proved to be an effective way for retrieving. These Techniques are widely adopted by component library systems, but they usually simply list out all the retrieval results without any kind of ranking. In our work, we focus on the problem that how to determine the ranks of the components retrieved by user. Factors which can influence the ranking are extracted and identified through the analysis of ER-Diagram of facet-based component library system. In this paper, a mathematical model of weighted ranking algorithm is proposed and the timing of ranks calculation is discussed. Experiment results show that this algorithm greatly improves the efficiency of component retrieval system.

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