Applying Pattern Techniques to Leverage Component-based Development

M. Paludo, R. Burnett, and S. Reinehr (Brazil)


Patterns, Reuse, Components, CBD.


This paper proposes the use of patterns to be used along with the Component-Based Development (CBD) approach. Patterns aim documenting, recovering and, mainly, capturing composition and functionalities of the components in order to obtain software reuse. Definitions of patterns and examples of applications are presented, as well as the references made to components within some expressive methods concerning patterns. The tailoring and integration of patterns with components is used to conclude that the concepts and structures widely used by patterns are feasible to be applied to model not just objects and classes, but also components as addressed by CBD approaches. As a result, it is proposed that CBD should make use of some pattern methods and techniques to leverage reuse in all stages of the lifecycle, independently from the paradigm being used and component development process and notation adopted.

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