On the Verification and Validation of UML Structural and Behavioral Diagrams

L. Alawneh, M. Debbabi, F. Hassaïne, and A. Soeanu (Canada)


Verification and Validation, UML, SysML, Model Check ing, Software Engineering.


The primary intent of this paper is to present an innovative veri cation and validation paradigm for both software and systems engineering design models. We consider here two mainstream languages that are UML and SysML. The pro posed paradigm relies mainly on formal methods providing a better assessment when used as complementary to ubiq uitous techniques such as simulation. Moreover, we advo cate the use of software engineering and program analysis techniques in order to augment the results of the aforemen tioned formal methods. To validate the proposed approach, we designed and implemented an integrated and automated environment capable of assessing software and systems en gineering design models. We illustrate our methodology when applied to the assessment of class and package di agrams and the veri cation of work ow systems modeled using activity diagrams.

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