Research of Muscle Stiffness Characteristics Duality

M. Mariūnas and K. Daunoravičienė (Lithuania)


Muscle stiffness, muscle elongation, magnitude of load, the loading duration, biosignals, duality, EMG, short-term loadings.


Analytical and experimental research has been made on the short abductor muscle mechanical characteristics. There are presented muscle’s elongation and stiffness expressions. It was observed that muscle’s stiffness characteristics have a duality. As muscle is loaded with not maximal, particular, short-term strains, when st 2≤ , approximately linear relationship between muscle’s elongation and loading was noticed. However applying the load for longer time, when , obvious non-linear dependence of load on muscle’s elongation was shown through. Hereby, stiffness characteristics of the muscle, as an element of biotronic system, have a double character. Under short-term loadings muscle’s stiffness characteristics for dynamical research can be taken as a constant. In all other loading cases they are non-linear. st 2>

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