A New Technique for Feedback Linearisation and an Application in Power System Stabilisation

E.C. Anene (Nigeria), J.T. Agee (Botswana), U.O. Aliyu (Nigeria), and J. Levine (France)


Feedback Linearisation; Differential Flatness; Flat output; Transient Stability; Cotangent approximation


This paper considers the application of a differential flatness based method for the derivation of the linearising state for input-state feedback linearisation. It gives the details of the application of this technique in the computation of the flat output for a third order single machine infinite bus system (SMIBS) employing the one axis model of the synchronous generator. The corresponding linearised model was derived and a nonlinear controller designed for the asymptotic stabilisation of the single machine infinite bus system (SMIBS). The dynamic behaviour of the third-order plant equipped with the derived nonlinear controller is then illustrated by simulation.

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