Fuel Cells Laboratory of VŠB-TU Ostrava

M. Kopriva, B. Horak, and J. Koziorek (Czech Republic)


Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Technology, HydrogenIX, Hydrogen Rider.


Reducing the fossil fuels deposits and pollution of environment force the society to realise the necessity of changing the structure of primary and secundary energy sources. One of the alternative way is the gradual conversion to the hydrogen management. Even it is not fullvalue alternative source of energy, it helps us to concentrate the pollutants which accompany the hydrogen production mainly during steamreforming and parcial oxidation. Lock of concentrated wind or condition for construction an effective water power plant, lock of research centre concentrated on the Fuel Cells Technology in Czech republic, good technological and technical potential of the Ostrava’s industrial region together with the nature wealth of Ostrava-Karviná Coal District together with dynamically developing university VŠB-TU Ostrava led the university to establish the Fuel Cell Laboratory.

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