Angle Modulated Differential Evolution and Slow Coherency based Islanding of Large Scale Power Systems

W. Liu, L. Liu, and D.A. Cartes (USA)


Power system islanding, differential evolution, slow coherency.


Power system defensive islanding is an efficient way to avoid catastrophic wide area blackouts. Finding defensive islands of large-scale power systems is a combinatorial explosion problem. Thus, it is very difficult to find the optimal solution using analytical methods. This paper proposes a method that combines slow coherency and angle modulated differential evolution to find efficient solutions for large-scale power systems. The solutions consider real power balance between generations and loads in islands, dynamic properties of power system, relative importance of customers, and desired number of islands, etc. The algorithm can also provide necessary load shedding information and a number of candidate solutions for the check of transmission system capacity constraint. Simulations with power systems of different scales demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

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