Effectiveness of Video Object Segmentation based on MPEG like Motion Vectors for 3D Depth Estimation

K. Takaya (Canada)


Image Segmentation by Motion Vector, 3D Reconstruction from Multiple Views, Epipolar Geometry, RANSAC algo rithm


This paper discusses the effectiveness of video image seg mentation based upon macro blocks associated with the motion vectors defined and embedded in MPEG codec, for the purpose of estimating the 3D structure of a mov ing object in the video scene. Sequential video frames do not necessarily meet the rigidity assumed in the 3D esti mation/reconstruction techniques for stereoscopic pair im ages of epipolar geometry, thus requiring extraction of the moving objects. To compare the effectiveness of the image segmentation, the robust RANSAC algorithm, which cal culates the fundamental matrix of epipolar geometry, was used to statistically examine the deviation of epipoles be tween two consecutive video images. Test was conducted for a video sequence without image segmentation and for the case where a moving object was extracted based on the macro blocks that have a common specified motion vec tor. The case with the image segmentation was favored in terms of more consistent values of the epipoles as well as the fundamental matrix.

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