Biosorption of Heavy Metal Ions by Chitosan-g-poly(acrylic acid) Beads

N. Li, J.H. Lim, R. Bai, and Y.P. Ting (Singapore)


Biosorption, heavy metal ions, kinetic, wastewater treatment


Chitosan-g-poly(acrylic acid) (CTS-g-PAAc) beads were prepared by grafting poly(acrylic acid) on crosslinked chitosan beads using a simple two-step reaction. The properties of CTS-g-PAAc beads, such as surface morphology and zeta potential, were examined. The adsorption of Pb, Cu, Hg, and Zn on the beads as a function of time was investigated in single and multi component systems. CTS-g-PAAc bead had negative zeta potential at pH>4.1, favorable for metal ion adsorption. The adsorption uptakes in both single and multi component systems showed the order of Hg>Pb>Cu>Zn. The kinetic adsorption data of Pb, Cu, Hg and Zn in the single component system can be well fitted to the Pseudo second-order model, and the data in the initial stage of the adsorption process can also be fitted to the diffusion controlled model. The adsorption equilibrium time was much shorter in the multi-component system and the total adsorption uptake amount was much greater than those in the single component adsorption experiments.

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