Influence of Agriculture and Inter-Regional Trading on Watershed Water Quality and Production Managements

K. Shoichi (Japan)


Inter-regional input-output model, water quality improvement, trading strategy, environmentally conscious agriculture, and comprehensive watershed management.


This study is made to find out a watershed management method to promise water quality and inter-regionally equal goods production growth. Estimating inter-regional input output tables, we examine the current inter-regional and inter-sectoral dependencies on the goods production and the corresponding chemical oxygen demand (COD) burden. Especially we pay attention to the agriculture sector that may give a strong impact on water pollution and quantify the input structure change caused by Japanese environmentally conscious rice farming to assess its spillover effect in goods productivity and eco-efficiency within the watershed. Furthermore, we investigate the mechanism how the inter-regional trading contributes to efficient water quality improvement and fair development in regional goods productions by characterizing individual watershed and inter-watershed managements.

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