Well Body Damages Caused by Land Subsidence at the Western Coastal of Taiwan

T.-W. Chang, P.-C. Lee, J.-L. Wu, and W.-K. Chien (Taiwan)


Monitoring wells, Television Inspection System (TIS), Land subsidence, Taiwan.


Land subsidence may result in seawater intrusion, groundwater salinization, and damage of infrastructure beneath or above the ground. In this study, the Television Inspection System (TIS) was used to inspect the well bodies and their screens. This system can observe and record the status inside the well body direct. According to the evidences from ground elevation survey data, land subsidence monitoring data, and TIS video image, we propose a hypothetical assumption to explain why well bodies were deformed, well pipes were broken apart or protruded out the concrete base. As shown by the directly evidences, unreleased strong stress is resulted from land subsidence. It is making well pipe deformation, breaking apart from the concrete base, and/or protruding out of concrete base.

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