A New Three Phase Multiple Access Based MAC Protocol for Clustering Wireless Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks

Y. Choi and Y.-c. Kim (Korea)


MAC protocol, Clustering, ad hoc networks, TPMA, contention resolution


In this paper, a new MAC layer protocol for the control channel of ABCP is proposed and the efficiency analysis for the suggested protocol is also done by evaluating the average contention resolution time. The new TPMA based ACR-MAC protocol utilizes a couple of mini-slots to resolve contention for each single control message slot and each mini-slot is divided up into three phases. In order to develop a new protocol the concept and procedures of the conventional TPMA based MAC protocol is carefully examined and also the restrictions of the previous protocol is sought to be improved. Through this analytic procedure, we have developed the new ACR MAC protocol which might be more suitable for ad hoc network situations due to its simplicity in sensing the collisions and higher possibility to resolve contentions after collisions. The performance analysis for the new protocol is also done and shows the superiority to the previous one.

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