Performance Evaluation of TCP Communication over Multihop Wireless Network Using Multiple Channels

S. Yokohama, K. Kumekawa, and T. Kato (Japan)


Multihop Wireless Network, Multiple Channel, TCP, Channel Assignment, Wireless Distribution System


In recent years, multihop wireless networks are paid attentions widely, e.g. for realizing wireless distribution systems of wireless LANs. However, it is mentioned that the multihop data forwarding degrades the data transfer performance. In order to solve the problems, the use of multiple channels is actively studied, but those studies have some problems that they do not take account of actual data communication through the network in resolving the channel collisions in large networks. This paper shows the basic results of TCP performance evaluation assigning multiple channels to individual direction of wireless links, individual wireless links, and individual nodes. It then proposes a new channel assignment approach based on forwarding paths within a multihop wireless network, and shows the performance evaluation results.

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