Policy based Event Broker for Asynchronous Web Service Operations in the Open Web Service Gateway

K.-S. Chung (Korea)


Event broker, asynchronous web service, open API, Parlay/OSA


This paper introduces event broker which helps to execute asynchronous web services in the open web service gateway. Event broker accounts for registering and notifying events based on the pre-defined policy in the gateway. The open web service gateway provides standardized interfaces (open APIs) which enable the 3rd party service providers to create blended applications without specific knowledge of the underlying network. Open APIs abstract network capabilities such as call control, presence, terminal location, multimedia messaging, multicasting and etc. These APIs are implemented as web services in the open web service gateway. There are two kinds of web service operations, that is, synchronous and asynchronous operations. In the asynchronous case, applications register the interested events previously and are notified later of asynchronous events such as location changes, busy status, and presence information from the underlying network. There can be desirable or undesirable situations during the event notification process since more than one applications can requests the notification of the same event. Event broker mechanism is introduced to solve this conflict during the registration and notification of events in this paper.

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