A Proposal for an Authentication Method for Traceability in Physical Distribution

R. Uda and M. Ehara (Japan)


Cellular Technology, Information Security, Authentication, 2D Code


An authentication method for realizing traceability in physical distribution is proposed in this manuscript. Customers asking for safety and quality become interested in where products or produce come from. Therefore, goods should be rightly transported and delivered to customers. However, goods sometimes go missing in transportation or are delivered to wrong destination in existing physical distribution. Goods are usually packaged individually and then these packages are put together in a cardboard box. Several of the boxes are put together on a pallet and wound with plastic tape. Several of the pallets are put in a container etc. Thus, nested wrapping makes traceability unreliable in physical distribution. And what is worse, most of ports and markets are scarcely equipped with network infrastructure. The proposed method makes it possible to authenticate these nested items by checking only once. An electronic signature attached on a box certifies all items inside the box without opening it, and the items are traceable even after they are parted. Moreover, the signature in the method certifies products without any connection to the ID database. The proposed method doesn't exclude existing standard labelling in physical distribution. It will help and contribute to physical distribution in the future.

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