RTDS-based Modelling and Analysis of Grid-Connected Fixed Speed Wind Generator System

D.-J. Park, Y.-J. Kim (Korea), M.H. Ali (Bangladesh and Canada), M. Park, and I.-K. Yu (Korea)


MOD-2 wind turbine, squirrel cage induction generator, Real Time Digital Simulator, wind generator system, pitch control system and transient stability


This paper proposes RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator) based modeling and simulation analysis of grid connected fixed speed wind generator system. A 3MW wind generator system connected to the power grid is modeled by using RSCAD. Then the developed wind generator system in RSCAD program is interfaced with the RTDS in order to carry out simulations in real time. For the purpose of accurate simulation, real wind speed data extracted by an anemometer is used in this work. Through the simulation results, the validity of the developed wind generator system is confirmed.

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