Enhancement of Spinning Reserve Capacity by Means of Optimal Utilization of EDRP Program

A. Yousefi, H. Aalami, E. Shayesteh, and M.P. Moghaddam (Iran)


Demand Response (DR), Ancillary Services, Spinning Reserve, Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP)


Various ancillary services are needed in a deregulated power system to ensure the electricity to be delivered reliably and the system be operated securely. Spinning reserve is one of these ancillary services which a reasonable amount of such reserve is essential to satisfy system security constraints when the power system faces with a contingency. Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP) is one of the incentive-based demand response (DR) programs which is usually used for reducing the peak demand in order to improve the system reliability. In this paper it will be shown that how EDRP program can be implemented as a source for spinning reserve considering its economical and technical aspects. Numerical studies based on IEEE 14 bus system is conducted for evaluating performance of the proposed method.

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