Digital Photovoltaic Power Conversion System with Intelligent Control Approach

C.-C. Hua and C.-L. Huang (Taiwan)


Photovoltaic, MPPT, Parallel operation


This paper presents a photovoltaic power conversion system with maximum power point tracking based on a digital signal processor. The proposed system consists of a photovoltaic module, a boost converter and a full-bridge inverter. The operating principle of the conversion system at two different modes are analyzed, such as 1) grid connected mode and 2) stand-alone mode: the conversion system can supply the local loads and feed excess power to the utility network with unit power factor, or it can supply loads exclusively. Using the perturb-and-observe method, the maximum power point tracking controller can deliver the maximum power from the PV module. A digital signal processor (TMS320LF2407A) is used to realize the system controller. Finally, a 500W prototype photovoltaic power conversion system is built and experimental results are provided to verify the theoretical analysis and feasibility of the proposed photovoltaic conversion system.

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