A Nonlinear Steam Turbine Model for Simulation and State Monitoring

A. Chaibakhsh and A. Ghaffari (Iran)


Power plant; Steam turbine; Mathematical model; Genetic algorithm; Semi-empirical relations; Experimental data


In this paper, based on the energy balance, thermodynamic principles and semi-empirical equations, nonlinear mathematical models are first developed in order to characterize the transient dynamics of steam turbines subsections. In addition, to estimate the steam thermodynamic properties such as specific enthalpy and specific entropy at different turbine stages, nonlinear functions are developed are utilized to develop the turbine model. Then, the related parameters of these functions and corresponding developed models are either determined by empirical relations or they are adjusted by applying genetic algorithms (GA) based on experimental data obtained from a complete set of field experiments. Finally, the responses of the overall turbine and generator model are compared with the response of the real plants, which validates the accuracy and performance of the proposed models over wide range of operations. The errors of the proposed functions are less than 0.1% and the overall modeling error is less than 0.3%.

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