Thermodynamic Analysis for Heat Recovery Steam Generation of Cogeneration Gas Turbine Cycle with Reheat

A.H. Mosafa, S.M.S. Mahmoudi, and L.G. Farshi (Iran)


Cogeneration, Gas turbine, Reheat, Heat recovery steam generation, Exergy


In recent decade, more attention has been paid to reheat gas turbine cycles because of their high exhaust gas temperature. Using heat energy of exhaust gases in a steam generating system is one scheme that has been suggested. In this research, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is analysed as an appliance for transferring heat between exhaust gases and water and design parameters were optimized. The results show that decreasing pinch point temperature difference makes both energetic and exergetic efficiency increase. They also show that with larger process steam pressure, exergetic efficiency increase significantly but energetic efficiency decreases. These efficiencies are less affected by variation of final temperature difference. However decreasing the final temperature difference makes the mass flow rate of steam increase. Thus for optimum design of HRSG in a combined system such as cogeneration gas turbine cycle with reheat, a proper value of the mentioned parameters must be chosen depending on the demand for power or heat in different situation.

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