A Performance Analysis of Optimal Detection Ordering Zero-Forcing V-BLAST with Maximum a Posteriori Probability Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

J.H. Chong, S. Khatun, B.M. Ali, N.K. Noordin, and M.J. Syed (Malaysia)


V-BLAST, ZF, MAP, MIMO-OFDM, channel estimation, least square


In this paper, we describe a wireless communication architecture known as optimal detection ordering zero-forcing V-BLAST with maximum a posteriori probability Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (ZF V-BLAST MAP OFDM) over Monte-Carlo time-variant channels. We simulate ZF V-BLAST MAP OFDM over Monte-Carlo time-variant channel model in the delay spread of 200ns. The symbol error rate performances of ZF V-BLAST MAP OFDM are analyzed and compared with conventional Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO-OFDM) without ZF V-BLAST MAP decoder. Simulation results show that the performance of ZF V-BLAST MAP OFDM is higher than conventional MIMO-OFDM with same number of transmitter antennas and receiver antennas.

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