Speed Estimation in Forward Scattering Radar

M. Salah, R.S.A. Raja Abdullah, M.F.A. Rasid, and M. Khalafalla (Malaysia)


Forward scattering radar, standard Deviation method and speed estimation.


This paper presents work on speed estimation method in one of radar types called Forward Scattering Radar (FSR). It is a continuous work from [1]. Theory of Forward Scattering Radar systems is briefly described together with practical experiments to evaluate the feasibility of such a system in real-life scenarios. The data collected from the real experimentation. Typical ground vehicle is used as the target. For vehicle speed estimation, a new method is proposed, which extracts features from the radar measurements by using a Standard Deviation theory. This method shows a good result in estimating the vehicle speed crossing FSR baseline. By analyzing 850 experimentally obtained car signatures, the performance of the system is evaluated and the effectiveness of the system is confirmed.

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