A Novel System for Inferring Activities of Daily Living in Smart Home

M. Kim, S.-L. Bang, S.-k. Song, J. Jang, J. Lim, S.-H. Park, and S.-J. Park (Korea)


Activities of daily living, inference, sensor, accelerometer, smart home


This paper deals with a novel system which infers activities of daily living (ADL). Particularly, we present details of component ADL decision. It is a core component in inferring ADL. The target activities are not ambulatory ones (e.g. walk, sit, or lie) but higher level ones such as having a meal, taking a rest, sleeping. The proposed system makes use of a triaxial accelerometer sensor, and environment sensors for indicating a subject’s position. The inferring is carried out in real time. And the inferred ADLs are stored at a database immediately in order to be utilized by various applications. We propose a unique ADL inference method which consists of three steps: elementary activity classification, component ADL decision, ADL inference. In particular, the component ADL decision module provides the additional functionality of correcting misclassified elementary activities and refining intermediate component ADLs, which facilitates ADL inferring. These functions improve the accuracy of ADL inference. Preliminary results show that the proposed system effectively infers component ADLs and ultimately ADLs.

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