Comprehensive Diabetes Management Program (CDMP)

S. Fonda, D. Birkmire-Peters, and S.-E. Bursell (USA)


Diabetes, chronic disease management, web-based clinical tool, care coordination, decision support, and medical data aggregation


The Comprehensive Diabetes Management Program (CDMP) is a web-based diabetes medical informatics tool developed by a consortium of researchers, physicians, and educators specializing in diabetes and its management. The overall goal behind the development of the CDMP is to provide an interactive, web-based clinical tool for care managers to efficiently manage and coordinate appropriate care for diabetic patients and to encourage patient behavior changes. The CDMP focuses on patient behavior change as the catalyst for improved outcomes. To achieve this goal, CDMP has two very distinct user interfaces: the first for providers and care managers (referred to as CDMP) and the second for direct patient access which incorporates the CDMP patient access portal (referred to as DMEverywhere). The CDMP is being used in 12 organizations and data are currently being collected for studies of clinical efficacy and cost efficiency.

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