Robust Design of Power System Stabilizers using a Constrained Optimal Algorithm for Multi-Machine Power Systems

Z. Zhou, T.C. Yang, R.P. Lewis, and P. Igic (UK)


Power system stabilizer, robust design, Multi-machines


A new robust design of power system stabilizer (PSS) using optimal algorithm for multi-machine power systems is presented in this paper. Based on the structure of widely applied conventional power system stabilizer (CPSS), the design process is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the CPSS time constants are determined using the well-established physical concept based method; then in the second stage, the gains of the CPSS are determined by solving a special form of robust pole assignment problem implemented using constrained optimal algorithm. The robustness of the CPSSs designed in this paper has been evaluated using a four-machine power system model and simulation results show good robustness has been achieved using the proposed approach.

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