Control Lyapunov Function for a Nonlinear Web Winding System

N. Rabbah and B. Bensassi (Morocco)


Web winding system (WWS), Nonlinear Control, Control Lyapunov Functions (CLF).


This paper develops a method by which control Lyapunov functions of nonlinear systems can be constructed systematically. The aim of this paper is to design a law control of a non-linear web winding system using the Lyapunov theory of stability. We designate by a winding process any system applying the cycles of unwinding, transport, treatment and winding to various flat products. This system knows several constraints such as the thermal effects caused by the frictions, and the mechanical effects provoked by metal elongation, that generates dysfunctions due to the influence of the process conditions. Our main goal is to obtain a precise thickness, with the best possible regularity by using the control Lyapunov function. With this intention, we are preceded to the control of the nonlinear dynamic behaviour of a web winding process. The resulting control system is simulated and the numerical results are quoted and discussed.

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