A Wireless Software Update Device (WSUD) for Sensor Network Applications

C.-C. Lai, S.-S. Chiang, R.-G. Lee, H.-S. Liu, C.-L. Tseng and T.-H. Chang (Taiwan)


Wireless sensor network, sensor node, software update, remote, and interface device.


This paper proposes a wireless embedded interface device, called a wireless software update device (WSUD), to support the task of software updates in wireless sensor network (WSN) systems and alleviate the inconvenience of updating the sensor nodes’ software for users. Through the in-system trial run of its system prototype, the users could carry on the software modification and updating in order to eventually build a WSN system more suitable for the environment and the user requirements. The proposed WSUD is integrated into a sensor node for WSN software update applications. At last, transmission tests of software update files are conducted and the test results verify the functionality and feasibility of the proposed WSUD.

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