Real-Time Monitoring System for the Detection of Fire and Air Pollutions in City Subway Stations using USN

W.-S. Kang, D.-H. Lee, W.-K. Cho, and J.-H. Yu (Korea)


Air pollution, Fire, Detection, Real-Time Monitoring System, Zigbee-enabled SIM, Context-awareness


Recent advances in USN have demanded more applications in order to implement an intelligent service in the human society. Owing to it, the demands of the H/W specification on USN have increased. Although the semantic concept of the Ubiquitous Computing is to implement anywhere, anytime, any device computing, recently developed USN is so limited that it can not support all of u-service. This paper proposes a real-time monitoring system that accomplishes the intelligent information processing to detect the disaster of fire and air pollution using the multi sensor data generated on USN. It is about a service to generate the alert messages of behaviour guides and send it to a Zigbee-enabled SIM (ZSIM) card mounted on CDMA phone of the civilians after processing the fire based sensor data and the air-based sensor data.

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