Middleware for Context Awareness in Asset Tracking Systems using Wireless Sensor Networks

K. Lee, J. Jo, and C.-S. Pyo (Korea)


Middleware design, wireless sensor networks, asset tracking systems, and context awareness


A wireless sensor network (WSN) middleware has emerged as an essential approach for bridging WSN applications and underlying WSNs. In this paper, we present our WSN middleware which has been deployed and operated in real environment. Furthermore, especially for asset tracking applications, we propose component architecture for context awareness and methods for deducing current context of removed assets. Therefore, rather than only saying that the assets disappeared even though they actually exist in the system range, our middleware can provide to asset tracking applications with possible cause (i.e. deduced context) of the asset removal. In our system, the asset tracking applications using the WSNs can adapt itself to different situations using the deduced context of the removed assets, and provide more dependable and more intelligent services for the system users even under abnormal circumstances.

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