Single-Axis Fiber Optic Proximity Sensor based on Magnetic Force for Hydrogenerator Applications

C. Floridia, A.C.S. Brgida, F. Borin, D.C. Dini, P. Alcantara Jr., and N. Bramatti (Brazil)


Proximity sensor, Gratings, Optical fiber applications, Optical fiber


We propose a novel temperature-independent proximity optical sensor. The idea consists in the use of a magnet attached to a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG). Deformation on the FBG depends on the proximity of the magnet to a metallic target. This deformation results in variation of the period of the grating and on the reflected wavelength from a wide-band source as a LED. The wavelength displacement can be easily converted to optical power variations using a second FBG which also compensates the environment temperature. As a result we have obtained a low cost device due to the simplified technique of interrogation.

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