Modeling and Simulation of the Optimal Descending Airflow Waveform for Mechanical Ventilation under CMV Mode

S.-L. Lin and C.-C. Chen (Taiwan)


Mechanical Ventilation, Optimal Waveform, Respiratory System, CMV.


The purpose of this research is to develop a modeling, simulation and control mechanism for the airflow waveform of a mechanical ventilation device. The PB7200 ventilator under CMV mode has been selected as the object device for simulation. This optimization process is based on the optimal chemical-mechanical model of the human respiratory control system proposed earlier by POON/LIN. Specifically, the descending airflow has been chosen and modeled for simulation. For any chemical and mechanical changes in respiratory system of simulated patient, the optimized waveforms and parameter settings of ventilator can be obtained instantaneously through the MATLABĀ® Optimization Toolbox and Graphic User Interface.

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