Using FPGA for Real-Time Control for PMSM Position Drive Considering VHFIM Method

B. Dobrucký, V. Bobek, R. Šul, and P. Drgoňa (Slovakia)


Programmable arrays, digital signal processor, PM syn chronous motor, vector control, modelling&simulation


The paper deals with design of programmable arrays devices (FPGA) for position control of sensorless PM synchronous motor (PMSM) drive. The FPGA design comprises of solution of three difference equations of PMSM quantities, so far, those make possible to use virtual HF injection method for position control of PMSM. In the next the FPGA will also provide functions of filtering of output currents to be position determination possible. It means that FPGA subsystem have to calculate position of the rotor within one sampling period of discrete digital control of the drive (approx. 100 μsec). FPGA model of the motor is supplied by combination of stator and injection voltages. After decomposition of the resulting currents the position of the rotor is to be calculated. The paper is focused on FPGA application of part of drive control system, since whole drive is controlled by DSP processor. The basic simulation experiments results and comparison of FPGA and DSP solution are given.

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