A Power-Saving Scheduling Model Combing EDF and DVFS in Real-Time System

J. Qian, H. Li, S. Zhang, W. Huang, and Q. Ji (PRC)


Power-saving, scheduling model, DVFS, real-time system


Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) is an effective energy-saving technique for controlling microprocessor energy and performance. EDF is a real-time task scheduling model. EDF don’t consider the power-saving technique in its scheduling process. We induct the DVFS technique into EDF model in real-time system. This paper presents a power-save scheduling model combing EDF and DVFS in real-time system. This scheduling model concerns the power consumption of the real-time system, on the basis of ensuring the tasks can finish before the deadline. The task set is independent to each other. In this paper, we use EMH255 which uses Intel PXA255 processor as our experimental platform. And we put periodic tasks running on it. Experimental results, tested with different situation, show that significant energy savings can be achieved. In some good situations the energy savings can go up to about 10%. The proposed technique is an effective power-saving method for real-time system.

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