A General Purpose Optimal Trajectory Planning Algorithm for Multibody Systems

M. Iwamura (Japan), P. Eberhard, W. Schiehlen, and R. Seifried (Germany)


Multibody Dynamics, Optimal Control, Recursive Formulation


The aim of this study is to develop a general purpose optimal trajectory planning algorithm for multibody systems. In this paper, an optimal trajectory planning algorithm for ordinary multibody systems is suggested. Firstly, the optimal trajectory planning problem is formulated as an optimal control problem. Then, a method to compute the partial derivatives of the state equation with respect to the state or the control variables that are necessary for optimal control calculation is developed based on a recursive dynamics computational algorithm for multibody systems. After that, a general purpose optimal trajectory planning algorithm is formulated by connecting the method for computing the partial derivatives and the robust optimal control algorithm called hierarchical gradient method. An optimal trajectory planning problem of a planar space robot with two arms is shown to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

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