Stability Property and Model Reduction of Certain Class of Singularly Perturbed Systems

B. Shafai and R. Ghadami (USA)


Model reduction, singularly perturbed systems, stability,Metzlerian systems.


The problem of model reduction for the special class of continuous-time Metzlerian system is considered in this paper. We focus our attention to the singularly perturbed form of such systems which appears in many applications. We investigate the stability of the reduced order model which can be derived directly from the stability of the original large-scale systems. The model reduction is performed under structural maintainability of Metzlerian systems and stability preserving constraints. Using the properties of Metzlerian matrices we derive condition under which the Hurwitz stability of the reduced order model is guaranteed. We also introduce the notion of positive Lyapunov stability and show that Hurwitz stability of Metzlerian systems implies positive Lyapunov stability for both original and reduced order models.

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