Investigation of the Non-Linear Behaviour of a Dynamic Wire Coiling Process

H. Hinterleitner and O. Grieshofer (Austria)


Model Development, Numerical Methods, Simulation,and Mechanical Modelling


In product development processes it is often necessary to investigate dynamic non-linear systems and to build up mathematical models to calculate interesting system parameters, for example displacement, acceleration or forces. In this study we have investigated the kinematical behaviour of a special mechanical device invented to clamp, tighten and coil a large wire. In our investigations we only focused on the period from clamping to tightening the wire. The intention of this work was to develop different mathematical models for this coiling process, which describe the focused period from a very simple linear to a complex non-linear way. Therefore, we used analytical methods and a standard software package for modelling, simulation and analyzing this dynamic system. Complex physical effects have been taken into account and their influences were determined from analytical models, or for example from FE-calculations. We also compared these models among each other and to measured data of an exemplary coiling process. The results from this work have shown the necessity of complex non-linear simulation systems.

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