Temperature and Thermal Stress Analysis of Solid Brake Disk using 3D Thermo-Mechanical Coupling Model

P. Hwang, X. Wu, Y.B. Jeon, and S.W. Joo (Korea)


3-Dimensional Modelling, thermo-mechanical couplesimulation, transient temperature, thermal stress, brakedisc


The disc-pad brake system is an important part of automobile safety system. During braking, the kinetic energy and potential energies of a moving vehicle are converted into the thermal energy through frictional heat between the brake disc and the pads. The object of the present study is to investigate temperature field and thermal stress in the brake disc and pad during single brake. The brake disc is decelerated at the initial speed with constant acceleration, until the disc comes to stop. The pad-disc brake assembly is built by 3D model with the thermo-mechanical boundary condition. In the simulation process, the mechanical loads are applied to the thermo-mechanical coupling analysis in order to simulate the process of heat produced by friction.

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