Modeling and Simulation of Custom Developed 3D Laser Range Scanner

K. Saso, K. Natasa, P.B. Zobel, and F. Durante (Italy)


Modeling, simulation, 3D range scanner, rigid bodydynamics, ray-cast method


In this paper, physics-based simulation model of a custom 3D range laser scanner, using rigid body dynamics environment provided by Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) library is described. Based on their physical properties, such as mass, geometrical dimensions, and center of mass, all parts that constitute the 3D range scanner are modeled as rigid bodies and they are assembled with appropriate joints to have a dynamic model of the complete device. In order to simulate the stepper motor used in the real scanner, the joints are virtually constrained and motorized with the parameters obtained from real device. For rays modeling the ray-cast method is used. The dependency of the beam incidence angle, target surface properties and sensor noise that represents the main uncertainty of the measurement are also taken into account. We have also tried to mimic the internal sensor control logic. In order to verify the model, a simple client application for 3D data acquisition is developed and connected to both “real” and “virtual” scanner via generic interface module. The results of this experimental work are also reported and discussed.

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