Fuzzy Modeling and Observer Design for Perspective Systems

D. Lee, S. Choi, and S. Won (Korea)


Perspective dynamic system (PDS) , Fuzzy system, Fuzzyobserver


This paper proposes a Luenberger-type fuzzy observer for perspective systems. First, the T-S fuzzy model for perspective systems is proposed for a fuzzy observere sign. Then, the fuzzy observer of perspective systems is designed to estimate the unmeasurable states, where the estimation gains are obtained by solving a set of linear matrix inequalities(LMIs). This observer scheme gives the estimated states converging to the real states exponentially. The stability analysis is formulated based on the Lyapunov direct method. The proposed observer yields asymtotic estimates of the unmeasurable states and is signi´Čücantly simpler than existing nonlienar observer design. Finally, numerical simulations are carried out to verify the theoretical results and show satisfactory performances.

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