A New Discrete Model of the Rotary Kiln

J. Roubal, D. Pachner, V. Havlena, and J. Rathouský (Czech Republic)


Distributed parameter system, Rotary kiln, Modelling, Simulation, Titanium dioxide.


The rotary calcination kiln for a production of Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a very interesting dynamical system. The titanuim dioxide is mostly available in a crystaline form known as anatase. The aim of the process is to produce the titanium dioxide with the rutile content around 98% that has the right pigmentary properties in contrast to the anatase. The system of the rotary calcination kiln has several distributed variables (solid, water, gas, vapour, and temperatures of them). These variables have a difficult dependence on each other. The paper presents a distributed parameter discrete time model describing the system behaviour and shows the time responses of the proposed model. It was created the model of the process in Matlab and GUI for the system behaviour analysis.

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