Friction Modelling in Mechanisms: PID Controllers with Friction Compensation

L. Acho and F. Pozo (Spain)


Modelling, friction, PID controllers, frictioncompensation.


Compensation of friction is an important issue in automatic control of mechanism involved in high precision tasks. Friction modelling is the fundamental issue for control design. LuGre friction model is a nonlinear-in-parameters system; however, this friction model does not satisfy the rate-independent property. In this work a new dynamic model of friction is proposed. This new model is able to capture all the friction phenomena captured by the LuGre model and satisfying the rate-independent property. The proposed model is linear-in-parameters and it can also be employed for friction compensation. Numerical experiments applied to a mechanism with friction (modeled with the LuGre model) shows that the proposed model, used as a friction compensator, improves the performance of linear PID controllers.

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